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Once again I must apologize for the regular lack of posts.  Week before last I was fighting off a cold (thank you dear daughter) and this week has just been busy.  But I wanted to share a funny tip that my husband recently came up with.

What parent doesn’t complain about kids who waste too much toilet paper?  My mom used to nag about that and “wasting bandaids.”  Go figure.  When I was on my own, it was a thrill to buy nice soft TP and use as much as I wanted and to feel free to stick a bandaid on whatever I darn well pleased.  But then my kids came along and behold, bandaids and TP disappeared at the drop of a hat.

Another problem we seemed to have was when toilet paper rolls got near the end, they sometimes spontaneously unrolled into a small heap on the floor.  My husband came up with a simple cure for the unrolling problem which also helps with using too much TP.   When we put a fresh roll on the spindle, we squeeze the sides enough to turn the cardboard tube from a circle to an oval.  This prevents the spontaneous unrolling but also adds a small bit of resistance as you pull on the roll – not enough to be annoying but enough to get you to slow down and think, whoa, I have enough TP before you get a gigantic wad in your hand.

It’s a small thing, but I think it helps.

I hope you are having a good weekend.

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