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Yesterday’s haircut appointment was a wonderful success.  The salon I went to is a spin-off from a salon I have gone to off and on over the years.  It’s probably the most expensive place in town, but likely cheap relative to more cosmopolitan places.  The last salon I went to was only slightly cheaper and their products were WAY expensive.

The salon I went to yesterday was clean and bright and very modern looking.  Everyone working there was dressed in black, with matching black aprons for the stylists.  Only moments after I arrived, the stylist came out to greet me.  At her chair, we spend a good 5-10 minutes discussing what to do with my hair and she was attentive and asked several questions.  Next step was a seated massage and hand steam in a dim room – ah, pampering.  Then on to the shampoo room, then back to the chair for the cut.  She took her time and adjusted a bit of the cut when I had a concern.  She also spent a good time styling my hair and discussing how I might go about it at home.  Lastly, she took me up front for a “makeup refresh” – a light dusting of powder and some lip color.

At no point did she try to sell me product, in fact she was pretty conservative in her use of product – only mousse and root lifter.   On our way to the desk to check out, I asked her about products and she said, “well, the hairspray and root lifter you said you were using at home will work fine.  You can always come back later and get the mousse if you want.”    I told her that I’d like to get the mousse while I was there, so she took me over to get some and showed me the prices before I went to pay.  Cheaper than the other salon and these are Aveda products, which I love.

My total bill including product and tip came to $60.  I was there just over an hour.  I thought it was a great experience and will go back.  She also told me that in between haircuts I can pop in for a $5 bang trim if I need one – that is one of the issues I have with haircuts – the bangs grow out so darn fast and I really don’t like to go back for a haircut any earlier than 8-10 weeks later.  What can I say – I am cheap, busy, and lazy!

So, what kind of cut did I get?  Well, I went from hair that had been growing out for a year, so not much of a style – hitting mid-back and bangs pushed to the side since they were down to my chin!  She gave me a cute chin length bob that is layered such that it has some volume when dried.  Piecey bangs cut comfortably about my brows.  She said I could push them to the side if they got too long and I couldn’t get in for a trim.  Really cute and I was amazed how well the Aveda mousse held the style all day (and it was over 90 and WAY humid) without any other help.  My hair is pretty straight and fine and tends to collapse easily.

It still looked good this morning and I debated whether I should try to wash and style myself or try to preserve what she had done.  I figured I had to do it sooner or later, so I gave it a try.  Not as cute as when she did it but not bad.  I am a bit klutzy trying to work a round brush and a blow dryer at the same time!

As long as I was out, I decided I would get to work on the wardrobe planning as well.  Driving to the salon, I got the idea that it might help me if my wardrobe revitalization plan was not too open ended – I have my list of things I am looking for, so I decided I also needed to narrow down a bit and focus on one season and set some kind of budget.  So I thought, let’s set a budget of $500 and focus on the fall wardrobe.

Now to most fashionistas, a $500 budget is nothing.  But to a conservative Midwesterner like me, it feels quite generous.  To those who might say it is outrageous (and there will be a few, I’m sure), let me say that I have a decent job, am extremely conservative about spending, and could not tell you the last time I actually bought a piece of clothing and if I did, it probably cost no more than ten bucks!  It seems like a good amount to let me stretch for some good pieces without being ridiculous.  And it will include my haircut, shoes, accessories, etc., so we are already down to $440…

Anyhow, as I was leaving the salon, I spied a cute little boutique across the way and popped in.  Generally I don’t go to boutiques – too expensive and I like big anonymous stores where I can dash in and out without anyone trying to help me.  The lady working at the boutique was friendly in her greeting and then left me alone.  I saw some cute trench coats on sale, but despite the store being nice and cool inside, mentally I just did not want to try a coat on in 90 degree heat!  When I got home, my husband said, well, that’s the best time to shop for a coat, because they are on sale.  Oh well.  I may try to go back soon.  They had some really cute chunky pendants in their jewelry case – bold amber pieces, which I love, and they were pretty reasonable.  But I figure I need a few staples first before I move on to accessories.

I decided to head to our mall and assess just what they had before I assumed I had to go to Indy or Chicago for good shopping.  Macy’s was full of old ladies and old lady clothes.  They do have a juniors department, but most of that looked too young.  With work, I could find something there, but probably need to focus elsewhere.  They did have an incredibly crisp white button down shirt in the petites by Jones New York.  Price was about 60 bucks and it was nicer than the one I saw at the Gap for $44.  I just worry about a $60 white shirt – ooooh, I am sooooo klutzy, I know I would spill mustard on it the first day I wore it!

My mission was fact-finding so I hadn’t planned on trying things on, but I did see some nice medium heeled shoes in The Rack Room and tried them on.  Cute and comfy but I got paranoid about my taste and took pictures with my cell phone to go home and ask people for opinions.  The Gap had some promising jeans.  I went ahead and tried on some Levi’s in Kohl’s – am I the only one who gets annoyed with vanity sizing??  I started and finished college as a size 8, have had two kids, and am certainly no smaller  now than I was 20 years ago, and yet somehow a Levi’s size 4 is now too big on me!  Are they really fooling anyone?

My conclusion was that a trip to Indy is indeed in order.  Keystone at the Crossing has a Nordstrom’s and a Sak’s as well as several smaller stores to check out.  I will try to make a day trip there sometime in the next few weeks.  I will keep you posted.

For now, stay cool!  My cousin in Germany is freezing in 50 degree weather and I am roasting in 90 degree weather – wish we could put our climates together and average them out!

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