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Just a heads up for anyone who subscribes to Self magazine – in the January 2010 issue there is a $5 off coupon for any three Listerine, Reach, or Rembrandt products.  The coupon does not expire until Jan 2011, so be sure to clip it and hang on to it until a good sale comes along.  Stacked with a CVS Extra Care Bucks offer or a Walgreens Register Reward, it could even be a money maker.    And we all know we should be flossing, so stock up on that floss:).


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I did something different this year.  On New Year’s Eve, I usually make a mental list of some resolutions that are pretty general things I would like to improve in the new year (eat better, more exercise, cleaner house, more organized, etc.), but they quickly fall by the wayside because they’re too vague and I have no specific goals.  This year, I decided to make only one  resolution.  My resolution was simply to eat more fruits and veggies.

So throughout the first part of the year, I did make an effort to always stock some kind of fruit in the house – we had alot of apples and pears during the cold weather months and berries like crazy as soon as spring arrived.  I also made an effort to keep plenty of fresh salad veggies available – we always have iceberg lettuce for green salads but I made sure to have colored peppers and cucumbers as much as possible for a more nutritious and interesting dinner salad.    I made sure to bring fruit every day to work in my lunch and made sandwiches and wraps with at least lettuce on them and often some veggies as well.  I felt like I was making good progress.

Over the last 6 weeks, I participated in a health intitative through my employer – completing several different programs will result in a reduction of my insurance premium every month of 2010.  That was a bonus, but I picked programs I would enjoy.  The one I participated in this summer was to log how many fruit and veggie servings I was eating a day for 6 weeks.  I was surprised when I started that even though I had upped the fruits and veggies I was eating, I was still having trouble hitting the 5 a day minimum.  So, I had to try a little harder.  Instead of a handful of berries on my breakfast cereal, I put a huge handful of blueberries and a huge handful of strawberries for two servings.  At lunch I started putting ALOT of greens in my wrap and some veggies, plus making sure I had a fruit on the side.  At dinner we always had our dinner salads but I tried to start replacing starches with things like green beans on occasion.  When I tried a little harder, I was able to get 5 or 6 servings most days.

I had always wanted to join one of the community supported agriculture (CSA) programs, but local ones fill up fast or cost alot and I worry about whether we would like most of what we got.  Instead I started looking around stores for new things to try on my own.  Last week, when I visited my sister in Chicago, she took me to a local market (Michael’s – I think it was in Naperville) that clearly caters to an international crowd.  I almost fainted when I saw their produce department.  Even though I wasn’t in my home kitchen, I picked up a half of a papaya and brought it home.  No one else in my house likes it except me, but I enjoy having something new.

So, her’s what I’ve learned.  For a New Year’s Resolution, pick one (do-able) thing that you think will give you the “biggest bang for your buck” (or biggest pay back for your time or investment) and just stay focused on that all year long.  If you made lots of vague New Year’s Resolutions, take the time now to narrow it down and use the rest of this year to work on THAT ONE THING.

Little by little, we’ll make some progress together.  Let me know what you are working on.  It could have to do with health, money, your home, your job, etc.  Come on, just pick one!

Best regards,


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